Astron Solutions is a New York-based consulting firm dedicated to the delivery of human resource consulting services and supportive technology. We work nationwide to develop and implement human resource programs that support the strategic direction of organizations through the creation of a positive employee relations environment. testimonals

If you’re worried about the high prices of human resource consulting in today’s uncertain economy, we can help with our unique one-price consulting. You can work with us to set an all-inclusive price for any project that includes all resources and expenses, up front. You’ll find no surprises here, no hourly or daily charges, and no hidden costs — only superior human resource management consulting services at a fraction of the cost provided by the larger consulting firms.

At Astron, you’ll discover a variety of products focusing on the design and implementation of programs that impact an organization’s two most important human resource concerns: rising human resource costs and retaining qualified staff.

If you have questions about complex employee relations issues, or doubts about current compensation practices, we offer a complete, customized human resource package. Call our toll-free number, and your organization will benefit from our well-developed and extensively-tested systems for total cash compensation, internal job based pay, external market based pay, reward and recognition, performance management, and employee communication.

Be sure to ask about our Easy HR Kit™, which provides the human resource professional with a series of PC (Microsoft Office) / Web-based templates to aid in the day-to-day administration of human resource programs. These products are compatible with, and can be integrated into, more comprehensive systems such as PeopleSoft and Lawson.

The bottom line: we provide high-quality, low-cost, innovative human resources consulting services to organizations like yours. Call us for advice, innovative program design, and user-friendly PC based software.