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Astron Solutions has an online community.

In today’s economy, having a strong network is more important than ever. The more people you know, the easier it is to access quick insights regarding current HR issues, referrals on potential vendors, and job openings. Instead of building your network yourself, let us do the work for you through My HR Website!

Astron in the News

Have you seen Astron Solutions on TV? In case you missed it, Astron was featured on the New Jersey Network nightly news on Wednesday, January 7th for participating in the Rutgers Job Fair. You can see a side profile of Brendan speaking with a potential candidate around the 20:00 marker. And if you have a sharp eye, around the 20:15 marker, Steve is in the background of the interview being shot speaking with another candidate. The career fair was a blast, and we wish to all of those in attendance good luck.

Recently, Astron Solutions team members have been quoted for our compensation expertise during this economic situation.

Advice for compensation strategies in an down economy.

Keeping salaries up in a down economy and weathering the economic storm successfully.

Compensating employees proves challenging in recession.


Astron Solutions’ Talent Management System

Do you need a talent management system, but think you can’t afford the cost? Think again!

Astron Solutions’ web-based talent management system has the functionality you need at an affordable price. With our system, you can conduct varied activities throughout the employee life cycle, including pre-employment testing, performance management, merit increase distributions, employee feedback, succession planning, and organizational exit. The component modular structure allows you the flexibility to choose the tools you need. You can add modules easily at any time in the future.

To protect your sensitive data, our talent management system uses both SSL and PGP encryption, along with multiple password protections. Off-site servers are maintained, and daily data backups are made.

The only software you’ll need is a web-browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox, to access a wealth of information easily and effectively.

Visit, and click on the login button on the top of the screen. On the login page, enter demo as the response for each question: organization, user name, and password.

If you lose an employee earning $50,000 a year, you’re incurring a turnover cost of at least $25,000. Invest the hidden cost of turnover into your talent management system, and enjoy the fiscal and emotional returns on investment.