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Performance reviews shouldn’t be an administrative nightmare. Luckily, there's EasyEval, a fully-customized (rather than an "off-the-shelf" type) product which runs either on an Excel or a web-based platform. EasyEval eases your worries by providing fully automated, 100% accurate, mathematical calculations, while its pre-populated review forms utilize up-to-the-second data reporting.

We can either custom design one or multiple EasyEval forms, or if you prefer, work with your existing performance appraisal templates. In addition, EasyEval is fully-validated guaranteeing that information in each section is filled out before a form can be submitted. There is also a built-in feature which indicates exactly which managers have submitted their appraisals and which ones have not.

With EasyEval you can rest easy...the nightmare is over.

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For a demo, email or call 1-800-520-3889 x6.