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Step 3 - Stay Interview
You’re happy. Your star employees are happy.

At least you think they’re happy. Have you asked them lately?

Never underestimate the power of positive communication in a relationship. The Easy Stay Interview™ will obtain vital information from your employees about what they like and don’t like about their jobs, while most importantly, letting them know that you value their skill and dedication.

Sample Questions

Why do you stay at this organization?
What would make you leave?
What motivates you to excel in your position?
What should we do to ensure that you would stay?

Thought-provoking questions such as these will prove enlightening and highly beneficial. Once we compile the results, we will help you take necessary action to keep those star employees from moving on to other opportunities. Even if it is a request that you don’t think your organization can put into action at the moment, we will work with you to come up with other ways to keep your best employees satisfied. Avoid turnover and boost morale at the same time with our Stay Interview.

If you do what you can to make them want to stay on board, chances are they won’t “jump ship.”