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Step 4 Opinion Survey
Everyone has an opinion. The problem is, sometimes employees are reluctant to share it. Are they afraid of losing their anonymity? You bet!

We understand the need for survey anonymity, and we realize the importance of honest, solid feedback from your employees. Our Easy Opinion™ Survey, filled with thought-provoking questions, will get you the answers you need to make positive organizational change.

The data collection and processing tasks in Astron Solutions’ Easy Opinion™ are streamlined to save you time and money. Easy Opinion™ takes a variety of forms, depending on your organization’s technological sophistication, size, and needs. Outsource the entire process to us to utilize our data entry and reporting efficiencies and expertise.

Administer the opinion survey questionnaire via paper forms, the Web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or a combination thereof. The choice is yours.

Questions customized to your needs are grouped according to subject, and are answered most typically by using a 3- or 5-point rating scale. We also provide space for write-in responses.


SA=Strongly Agree, A= Agree, NAD = Neither Agree nor Disagree, D= Disagree, SD = Strongly Disagree.

Work Environment
Everyone in my work group cooperates to get our work done.          

Compensation and Benefits
My pay is appropriate for the work I do.          

Managerial / Supervisory Relationships
My immediate supervisor allows for two-way communication.          

Overall Organizational Perception
As long as I perform my job well, I do not fear losing it.          

Tap the resources of Astron Solutions and have one of our consultants present the results to your management team. During the process, we’ll facilitate development of the positive action steps the team should take to respond to the findings.