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Step 2 - Job Offer Turndown Survey

Ouch. Nobody likes rejection.

You thought you found the perfect match, but your offer was declined. What happened?

Our Easy Job Offer Survey™ promises more than “It’s not you, it’s me” answers. Whether it’s one main reason or a combination of factors, we will get to the bottom of why it didn’t work out. We will then provide a summary of what your company can do in the future in order to make potential employees say “Yes!”

Easy Job Offer Survey™ utilizes a combination of scaled and open-ended questions regarding the interview process and the candidate’s ultimate decision, garnering the most comprehensive results.

Sample questions:
What is your primary reason for not taking a position at XYZ Organization? (Please check only one response.)

Facility location

Higher salary elsewhere

Not interested in position

Perceived lack of advancement

Perceived lack of professional advancement

Perceived lack of workplace safety

Uncomfortable with future supervisor

Work hours

Not relocating to the area

Other (please describe)

How would you describe the work atmosphere in your offered department?

A detailed summary of the results will let you know what enhancements can be made in order to make your organization an employer of choice. The information gained from this survey will help give you the tools you need to turn a “Thanks, anyway” into a “Sign me up!”