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Exit Interviews and Analysis Module

This module allows HR to create their own questionnaires for completion by former employees. Once that data is collected, you can identify and analyze reasons why employees have left help you work to reduce turnover and the associated costs. Other features include:

  1. Ad-hoc reporting
  2. Create detailed reports by organization, department or unit, manager or supervisor
  3. Create users and assign access rights to these different users to secure what they can and cannot see
  4. Utilize the module’s third party normative database for external benchmarking

Outsource your organization’s exit interview process to Astron Solutions, and discover the real reasons why people are leaving your organization. Jennifer Loftus, National Director, will work with you to personally ensure that your customized exit interview system meets your needs. You’ll then go live with the new survey process via paper forms, the Web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or a combination thereof. The choice is yours.

Sample question:

1. What is your primary reason for leaving our organization? (Please check only one response.)

Change of career objectives
Family circumstances
Dissatisfaction with supervisor
Higher salary
Lack of advancement
Lack of professional development
Mutual consent
Spouse’s relocation
Work hours
Miscellaneous (Please describe)

Astron’s pioneering research was featured in an article Jennifer authored for Workspan magazine. The article, entitled “I Said it was the Money…but I Lied,” can be found in the WorldatWork online archives. We challenge you to find similar research made available to you at a comparable price!

Use the information gained from your company’s exit interviews to avoid saying goodbye to more employees in the future.