2004 Poll Results
December 20, 2004 Poll - How festive is your workplace?

December 6, 2004 Poll - On average, how stressed are you?

November 22, 2004 Poll - Terminating an employee can be a difficult task to perform.  How do you care for yourself after delivering the bad news?

Quick Poll Summaries

As of 11/19/2004, 50% of respondents watch The Apprentice only for fun.  30% of respondents learned some management lessons from watching The Apprentice and have used them at work and 20% don't watch The Apprentice.

As of 11/5/04,  37.5% of respondents say their organization would occasionally have an intern or two.  25% have a few interns each year, while additional 25% have never had an intern.  12.5% of respondents regularly use numbers of interns each year as part of a formal program.

As of 10/22/04, 35.3% of respondents have dated a co-worker from work.  29.4% have dated their boss, while additional 29.4% have never dated someone from work. 5.9% have dated a subordinate.

As of 10/8/04,  57.1% of respondents have seen very little generational differences impacting benefits plans.  An additional 28.6% have seen benefits plans impacted somewhat along traditional lines.  14.3% of respondents feel that generational differences have impacted their benefit plans " a lot."

As of 8/25/04, 100% of respondents say their organization donít have any employees who were out on military leave.

As of 8/13/04, 37.5% of respondents say their organization is planning for a 6.1 - 12% incentive budget target.  25% are planning for a 1 - 6% incentive budget target.  Another 25% are planning for a 12.1% or more and 12.5% are planning for 0% - we do not use incentives.  

As of 7/29/04, 71.4% of respondents say their organization is planning for a 2.1 - 3.9% merit increase.  21.4% are planning for a 4% or more increase and 7.2%  are planning for a 1 - 2% increase. 

As of 7/16/04, 37.5% of respondents say they do not attend local conferences or seminars because they Lack interest in the topic(s).  Another 25% say they Don't have time to break away from the office,  while 25% say they are Too costly.  12.5% say Traveling to the meeting location is the reason they don't attend.

As of 7/2/04,  40% of respondents say their job descriptions are automated in Microsoft Word, or other word processing software.  Another 20% say their job descriptions are automated by an Off-the-shelf product like KnowledgePoint.  20% say they use a Home-grown system and 20% say They don't have any job descriptions. 

As of 6/16/04, 55.5% of respondents say their job descriptions are Somewhat up to speed.  Another 33.3% say their job descriptions are Definitely up to speed, while 11.2% say they are Not at all up to speed and 0.0% say they Don't have any job descriptions

As of 6/4/04, 28.6% of respondents say their employees are Somewhat politically active at work, while  42.8% say their employees are Not at all politically active at work because of strict solicitation policies.  Another 14.3% say that their employees are Very politically active at work and 14.3% responded that they are Not at all active, preferring to keep their non-work related thoughts and activities to themselves.

As of 5/20/04, 61.5% of respondents say the impact of Depression in the Workplace is Moderate, followed by  23% who say the impact is Great.  An additional 7.7% say the impact is Slight and 7.7% say they Don't know.   

As of 5/4/04, 47.6% view the possible impact of same sex marriages on their company's benefits plans as Slight.  Another 28.5% say they are Unsure it would cause any impact.  23.8% view the possible impact as Great and 0.0% responded that there would be no impact.

As of 4/19/04, 56.2% of respondents say less than fifty percent of their employees are red circled, while 31.2% say none of their employees are red circled.  Additionally, 6.2% say over seventy-five percent of their employees are red circled and 6.2% say between fifty-one to seventy-five percentof their employees are red-circled.

As of 4/7/04, 66.6% of respondents describe the relationship between their organization's HR and Finance departments as great.  Another 25% say the relationship is  OK.  8.3% call the relationship combative.

As of 3/24/04, 36.4% of respondents to  our pay compression survey call the situation "pervasive."  Another 50.0% describe the problem as "somewhat of a concern."  9.1% of respondents work for organizations that are too small to have pay compression concerns.  4.5% of respondents are not concerned about pay compression in their organizations.

As of 3/8/04, 100% of the HR professionals who responded to our voluntary benefits poll would describe their programs' effectiveness as "so so."

As of 2/19/04, 100% of the HR professionals who responded to our FLSA poll indicate they are somewhat prepared for the impending FLSA reforms.

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