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Is your performance appraisal system just not working anymore?

Your system will be customized to ensure key organizational values and measures are included, while taking a user-friendly approach. We’ll also create as many variations of your system as needed: one form for all employees, or different forms for different organizational levels or lengths of tenure.”

Whether your system needs a tune-up or a major overhaul, call Astron Solutions. We’ll start with a senior management meeting to learn more about your organization’s goals, desires, and current state of performance management. Employee focus groups provide another perspective on the present system. Our years of experience translate these findings into an easy-to-use, legally compliant performance management system that will be used consistently across your organization.

Take advantage of Astron’s experience, and you’ll address multiple aspects of employee performance easily and concisely. We’ll help you focus on the organizational values and essential functions of each position while meeting industry and legislative requirements.

Looking to automate performance management at your organization? Look no further than EasyEval.