Easy Opinion™

Opinion surveys provide management with the information they need to make positive organizational change. As anyone who has attempted to conduct one on their own will attest, it’s getting to a summary of employees’ thoughts that can be difficult.

With Easy Opinion™, the data collection and processing tasks are streamlined to save you time and money. Easy Opinion™ takes a variety of forms, depending on your organization’s technological sophistication, size, and needs. Outsource the entire process to Astron Solutions to utilize our data entry and reporting efficiencies and expertise.

Administer the opinion survey questionnaire via paper forms, the Web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or a combination thereof. The choice is yours.

Tap the resources of Astron Solutions and have one of our consultants present the results to your management team. During the process, we’ll facilitate the next steps the team should take to respond to the findings and take positive action steps.

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