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In the near future, American businesses will be doing all they can to hold on to their retiring Baby Boomer employees, while trying to woo Generations X and Y. If your organization is concerned about future or current issues of recruitment and retention, we can help!

Our research shows that change of career objectives is the number one reason employees leave their jobs. With our Career Progression Program Design, you have the opportunity to build career paths that give employees somewhere to go within your organization. Career mobility gives your current employees a sense of direction, and entices the future stars of your organization to give you a second look. Career paths also facilitate recruitment from within, reducing turnover, “time to fill” vacancies, and dependence on agencies.

Our career progression programs define varying levels of job complexity and employee competency, along with the appropriate pay range for each combination. You then have the framework for recruitment and promotional planning, and training identification.

Call us, and you’ll benefit from our fully developed, thoroughly tested Career Progression Program, tailored to the needs of your organization.