How could you use technology to do your job faster or better? What processes would you automate?
1 It would be great if all the personnel forms were fillable. The new hire processing function should also be automated. Usually the process requires the employee to complete forms. The information on the forms is then entered by the Personnel Assistant to the database. It would be great if the employee was able to sit in front of a computer screen and enter the information and thus create his own automated personnel folder that could be reviewed and approved by a personnel assistant as they review the required documentation (SS#, proof of address, birth certificate) etc.
2 electronic forms and signatures.
3 Performance Reviews
4 I can't I always seem to have to print out things to do.
5 Full and complete automation of monthly invoicing from an account tracking file such as Excel or Access would tremendously help a small/solo business owner. Usually such tools are too expensive for such a small-margin operation as mine (Intrepid HR Consulting).
6 Work flow needs automating. We call it "approving status changes" at this hospital. Also, the whole host of performance metrics such as turnover, turnover by department, vacancy tracking, historical performance, time to fill positions -- the list goes on...